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iPad Art & Photocollage classes start Jan 5, 6, 7 – Enroll Now

Hi all you artists and art lovers, my wonderful friends!
Here’s my New Year’s invitation: Want to have more fun starting next week? Join one of three 8-week (2 hour) classes  -For more info visit iPad Art SoCal

Photos shot at Union Station, collage, #procreate app, #momentapp

Photos shot at Union Station, collage, #procreate app, #momentapp

Classes still open:
1/5 Tues 6:45 p.m. (5 seats left) 
1/6 Wed 10 a.m. (4 seats left)
1/7 Thurs 9 a.m. (only 1 seat left in this one). 
Explore the world of digital art and photo collage:  You will learn popular art apps: Flowpaper, Paper 53, Procreate and Snapseed. Paint, draw, take photos and collage them. Learn to share digitally or turn them into printable art. All you need is your iPad or iPad mini with latest iOS and the above mentioned apps and you’re ready to go! ENROLL HERE.

Loving You in Purple - original watercolor #flowpaper, #procreate

Loving You in Purple – original watercolor #flowpaper, #procreate

The most often-heard comment about these classes is “if I’d known this was so much fun, I would have enrolled sooner!” Besides learning to create on your iPad, you’ll make friends with delightful people who share your interests. No art experience is necessary. Just an iPad with latest iOS and the desire to enjoy yourself for a couple of hours a week. Laguna Woods location. Check out the classes now.

More news to follow in a few days, but I wanted to get this out to you!  Class maximum is 8, so don’t delay if you’re truly interested. Happy New Year, looking forward to creating with you.

Today’s Live Painting

Here’s yesterday’s funky painting – joint effort among the ladies from New York.

Live Painting with Susie

Live Painting with Susie

They chose the colors, determined the orientation and when to declare it “finished!” they named it Beaufort Secret Garden.  One of them purchased it as a fond memory of her experience here at ArtLofts.   It was a good day. But boy was it a challenge to keep the red and green from making mud.  I got them to agree that a little yellow might help out.  It looks a lot better in person, and so do I, thankfully.

My wish for you that you have as much fun in your life as I do here at ArtLofts!!



Live Painting – Practice Session

Cherokee Fire

#1 from Live Painting Practice - "Cherokee Fire" - to see these bigger, double click on the painting, then double click again.


At my studio, we’ve been talking about doing live painting. Not just 15-minute demos, but the real thing – creating an entire painting in a short period while lots of people are watching.

Of course I want to do this, and am twitching to get going. So, last night I practiced. What fun! The time flew by – all one and half hours of it! Totally cut into my martini time :>) This is a truly exhilarating experience. If you’re the type of person who has to move when you listen to music, then this is for you! My feet were goin’, my arms and hands were having a wonderful time, and I was completely alive. Then I reverted to the mundane and fixed dinner- ha!

Read on to see how I did it: (yes, I promise to do a YouTube video soon, but not today)

The Beauty of Impermanence

#2 from Live Painting Practice - "The Beauty of Impermanence"

  1. Turned on “Straight No Chaser” album, loud.
  2. Using acrylics, I squirted 5 colors, each on a different paper plate.
  3. Then I grabbed brushes that ranged from very large (the house painting variety) to 1″. Also used some painting knives of various shapes; and of course, the trusty cut-up credit cards for texture.
  4. Lovin' The Music

    #3 from Live Painting Practice - "Lovin' The Music"

    My canvases were 8″ x 24″, 12″ x 24″, and 12″ x 12″.  If I’d had bigger ones I would have gone to the garage and slung the paint around with much abandon.

  5. Took the biggest brush and the boldest color (red) and moved to the music as I applied the paint.
  6. Then I took another brush and another color and did the same thing.

Pretty soon there was a rhythm, the canvas was covered in thick paint of varying colors.
Then I went on to the next canvas, and then the next.

The final canvas was interesting because it was really an afterthought. I was excited by my first three paintings, but couldn’t bring myself to throw out the leftover paint; hence #4 “Mixing it Up!”

There are always additional things to be done to a painting, but wow, what a great start on 4 paintings!

Mixing it Up

#4 from Live Painting Practice - "Mixing it Up"

You’re Invited to Susie’s Party

Susie’s Holiday Art PARTY – Tuesday Dec. 13th – 1 to 4 pm at ArtLofts
Light Lunch and Libation (wine) provided by the amazing Wren Bistro.
45 includes everything.

Laugh your way through the creation of your own holiday greeting and gift cards.

No art experience or talent required.  This is a very fun afternoon to spend with your friends.  Register here: 

If you want a special “Art Party” in your home for just you and your friends, I will be happy to do that in Hilton Head, Bluffton, Sun City or Beaufort SC. Small collages are fun to make with papers, ink, textures, ribbon and imagination.