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Summer Vacation is Over!

"Night Music Nostalgia", photo collage, iPad Art, iPhoneography

“Night Music Nostalgia”, photo collage, iPad Art, iPhoneography

Sept-Oct classes, new artwork and news!  Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful summer. Mine was filled with naps!

First let me announce two new classes for September-October:
6 weeks: MONDAYS 10 am to noon starting September 12th – this coming Monday!
5 weeks: WEDNESDAYS 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm starting September 21st 
Details are on my iPadArtSoCal website and there’s a contact form if you’re interested. First class is free, so come and explore.

Many of you like to hear what I’ve been up to, so here you go! Lots of photos in this one.

April ended with a car accident – car got rear-ended by a jet-lagged bimbo and pushed into a fire hydrant. Still hurting but am mobile and feeling a bit more like myself. Sleep is a challenge with the pain. But I’m ever hopeful. I did manage to create a photo collage from pictures of my totaled car and the 30 ft. high water burst from the hydrant.

"Water Signs - by Accident" - Aftermath Of Collision With Fire Hydrant, printed on brushed aluminum, various sizes 5 x 7", 8 x 10" and larger.

“Water Signs – by Accident” – Aftermath Of Collision With Fire Hydrant, printed on brushed aluminum, various sizes 5 x 7″, 8 x 10″ and larger.t.

Many thanks to those of you who contributed on my GoFundMe  page. It helped so much as I wasn’t able to participate in any shows, teach or market my work. I was in high momentum prior – feeling so good – then it literally screeched to a halt  (pun intended). I’ve included the link not to solicit, but to let you know what a terrific site it is for raising money for things that are important to you.

It turns out, though, that Summer was a happy time for sales of original paintings, collages and prints – with many of you finally getting that artwork you’d had your eye on for a while.

"Night Music Sunrise" - printed on brushed aluminum, photo collage 40 x 30"

“Night Music Sunrise” – printed on brushed aluminum, photo collage 40 x 30″

The biggest print went to a recording studio – “Night Music Sunrise”. A glorious 40 x 30″ photo collage on brushed aluminum! Hoping to see some photos of it soon.

I’ve really enjoyed creating the Night Music series. I love guitars, even though I’m not any good at playing my Celebrity Ovation. The look of them is so sensuous and the sound is so beautiful.

Before the accident, I took some photos at Guitar Center. They said I could come back and shoot the really expensive ones that were locked up. I’m hoping to get back there soon. My eldest grandson suggested photos of a maple bodied acoustic from a front/side diagonal view would be cool, as well as the Gibson Firebird.

Isn't He Something

Created for my son-in-law for his birthday – his Epiphone and fav song.

Here’s one I created for my son-in-law for his birthday: “Isn’t He Something” – photo collage of his guitar and favorite song “Something” by George Harrison.

My math genius and volleyball player grandson had a graduation, so, of course Grammy had to create something for him: “Derivative of a Higher Order” -and he certainly is!

"Derivative of a Higher Order" - photo collage, iPad Art, for math-genius grandson

“Derivative of a Higher Order” – photo collage, iPad Art, for math-genius grandson



The older grandson is a musician of a high order – guitar, bass, drums and anything else that makes a sound! For him, I created “Night Music Nostalgia.” The song “Cat’s in the Cradle” speaks to how quickly children grow up. You can see it at the top of this page.

In August, I took a train trip to Camarillo to see two of my high school girlfriends. One had purchased two of my artworks: “City of Angels” original collage and “On the Move LA” photo collage from Union Station. It was so fun to see my creations hanging amongst quite excellent paintings and pastel portraits. She is an amazing artist (which I had forgotten until I went there). My other friend is a dancer, so we went out for cocktails and music a couple of nights. And yet another friend I knew from the Valley was available for lunch. She and I took our first Experimental Painting and collage class together. It was at her party that I first introduced myself as an artist. So fun to catch up on a few years of news with everyone.

On the Move - LA, Union Station, Photo Collage, iPad Art

On the Move – LA, Union Station, Photo Collage, iPad Art

"City of Angels" - acrylic and collage on canvas, 30 x 40" SOLD

“City of Angels” – acrylic and collage on canvas, 30 x 40″ SOLD

One of my new collectors, who I finally met in August, purchased some of my early experimental abstracts for her new home in Seattle. They came right off my bedroom wall – favorites of mine. So happy they have a fresh point of view!

"Soulmate" - Acrylic Ink on Paper, woven with gold wire.

“Soulmate” – Acrylic Ink on Paper, woven with gold wire.

"Enchanted Waterfall" - Acrylic Ink on Mulberry paper, Eyelash Yarn for texture.

“Enchanted Waterfall” – Acrylic Ink on Mulberry paper, Eyelash Yarn for texture.








Again, many thanks to all who helped out with contributions and purchases. My fondest wish is that you enjoy all of your artwork and find something new each time you gaze upon it.

Delighted to get this missive off to you. Thanks for your patience. I promise to communicate again before the holidays – really. Let me know what you’ve been up to. I love hearing from you.


iPad Art & Photocollage classes start Jan 5, 6, 7 – Enroll Now

Hi all you artists and art lovers, my wonderful friends!
Here’s my New Year’s invitation: Want to have more fun starting next week? Join one of three 8-week (2 hour) classes  -For more info visit iPad Art SoCal

Photos shot at Union Station, collage, #procreate app, #momentapp

Photos shot at Union Station, collage, #procreate app, #momentapp

Classes still open:
1/5 Tues 6:45 p.m. (5 seats left) 
1/6 Wed 10 a.m. (4 seats left)
1/7 Thurs 9 a.m. (only 1 seat left in this one). 
Explore the world of digital art and photo collage:  You will learn popular art apps: Flowpaper, Paper 53, Procreate and Snapseed. Paint, draw, take photos and collage them. Learn to share digitally or turn them into printable art. All you need is your iPad or iPad mini with latest iOS and the above mentioned apps and you’re ready to go! ENROLL HERE.

Loving You in Purple - original watercolor #flowpaper, #procreate

Loving You in Purple – original watercolor #flowpaper, #procreate

The most often-heard comment about these classes is “if I’d known this was so much fun, I would have enrolled sooner!” Besides learning to create on your iPad, you’ll make friends with delightful people who share your interests. No art experience is necessary. Just an iPad with latest iOS and the desire to enjoy yourself for a couple of hours a week. Laguna Woods location. Check out the classes now.

More news to follow in a few days, but I wanted to get this out to you!  Class maximum is 8, so don’t delay if you’re truly interested. Happy New Year, looking forward to creating with you.

On the Move

If you’re in West L.A. Saturday night, May 23rd, please come see my painting at Gallery 825. EssESS - smallThe L.A. Art Association is presenting VS a juried group exhibition that pairs artists together to create collaborative works of art. “Ess Ess Mein Kindt” was digitally created using the iPad app Procreate by Lenka Talska and me and printed on metal. It’s a spoof on the saying “if it’s not something, it’s a mother!” This is our take on Jewish mothers…. or any mother, really, insisting that their child eat! In our collaboration, I made the background using several layers and Lenka added the drawing. This show is amazing.

Recently I visited with the Founder and partners of Mobile Art Academy in Palo Alto. The purpose of my visit was to explore how I might expand their successful Northern California iPad art education business into Orange County – potentially expanding to L.A. and San Diego. I’m happy to report that I will be helping to set up and teach iPad art classes starting in June.  I am also attending their yearly Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit where they showcase mobile art and offer a variety of digital painting and photo art workshops. Talk about “doing what you love!” I will be sending out details soon. However, it’s a good idea to contact me now if you’d like to participate in or host a class.

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to San Diego to attend the International Mobil(e) Film Festival. We screened 50 short films all shot on an iPhone or other mobile device. Some were less than a minute, others were 5 minutes. They ranged from infomercial to professionally scripted and designed films with paid actors. QiPhone handleuite enlightening to see what’s being done with the iPhone. At the workshop, the filmmakers talked about their gear, their process and what inspired them to use their iPhones to make movies. I came away with a handle that clamps onto my iPhone and also screws onto a tripod. Nice gift!

Making Waves my student art show is coming up June 26th!  I am so proud of all my students. Four of them never had used an iPad before this class, and now three have purchased their own and are becoming art wizards! These 70 and 80-year olds have several collages and iPad art prints to “abandon” – there will be lots of free art. Printable invite here: You’re Invited – Art Show CP June 26. We’ve added a lot of new photos to the shared albums. Check them out here: iPad Art Classes and Collage Art Classes

City Runways

City Runways

City Runways #2

City Runways #2

The Harris Gallery of La Verne University, my alma mater, is presenting an art exhibition “Roots and Shoots” featuring eight university alumni artists. My “City Runways” textured acrylic paintings will be featured. The show runs from September 8th (reception) through October 29th.


Cool on the Roof

Cool on the Roof

I’m still having fun shooting photos and making iPad art in my Pipes, Pumps and Motors series. You can see a portion of “Cool on the Roof” in the header of this post.

On the Move London

On the Move London

In anticipation of the airport show, I have started a new On the Move series where I take transport-related photos of wheels, airport ceilings and floors, train stations and depots. Then I collage the images and add color layers. Most of the work is done on my iPad using Procreate. But I also manipulate the photos in other apps like Fragment and Infinity Image. My students love doing this too. While I was on the plane from my local airport to San Francisco, I was able to give a short lesson in Procreate to the woman sitting next to me. I talked her through “On the Move OC” showing her how to manipulate the photos I’d taken in the terminal.

On the Move OC

On the Move OC

If you’d like to see how some of these are done visit my Storehouse page. I have 9 stories about various paintings up there. You can search by my name Susie Stockholm. If you are asked to sign-up, just do it. It’s a great app and won Apples’ app of the year. Here’s how I made the two “On the Move” collages: How I Made “On the Move” on my iPad

Hope you all are getting inspired to make your own art or add another “Stockholm” to your collection. Check out the Gallery to see what’s still available. I always look forward to hearing about what’s going on in your life.

Much love to you all,