Susie’s Artist Statement

Susie Stockholm, Artist Statement

Curiosity and whimsy inspire me to experiment with unusual combinations of materials and shapes, leading me to fresh discoveries. I’m always asking the question “What would happen if….?”

Washi papers, packing material, and wire provide texture and excitement in my mixed media collages.  I often cut unsuccessful paintings into strips and weave them into dramatic new ones.  Nothing is too sacred to re-purpose!

“What if….” gave me permission to experiment with my iPad to create art. Using my iPhone, I was also able to easily capture photo moments and translate them into collaged artworks (not as easily). This is quickly becoming my medium of choice! As I travel around Southern California via car or train, photo ops are everywhere. I am definitely  On the Move.

Big dramatic acrylic paintings emerged from a family challenge to paint their trip to Paris. This was the genesis of Signs of the City series – City Runways, City Litter, City Shadows, City Streets, City Rhythms.

Things that annoy me also find their way into my body of work as a form of “witty bitching.”  iPad apps give me a voice to comment on social issues, hence my digital paintings Dementia, Melodies and Fractured Memories. And the world’s clean water crisis led to my newest series: Water Signswhich I am developing over the next couple of years, perhaps a lifetime.

I hope you see my love for you in all of it.


A note about my collectors:
Are you fun, interesting, engaging and socially aware? I’ve noticed over the years that my collectors are mirrors of the art they buy. They like to have fun. They are interesting and often do the unexpected. We have amazing conversations where they inspire me by their early-life escapades, special family traditions, spiritual journeys and bucket lists.

There is one quality that surrounds all of my collectors: They continually show their love for humanity in some way – as a steward of the planet, as an attentive friend, colleague, parent, sibling or grandparent, but always as respectful citizen of the world. If this sounds like you, I would love to know you.

You may reach me at: 949-436-9204 and
Susie’s website: