Still Workin’ Out? SOLD!

This is one of my favorite little collages.  Mostly because it was done at my friend Diana’s house in California.  She was painting, and I was collaging.  We were catching up on the few years we hadn’t seen each other.

The other day I decided to donate it, matted and framed, to an Alzheimer’s organization for an upcoming auction for their Art Program.  But, before it even made it out the door of our local Art Club, our President wrote a check to the organization for the full price of the collage, and took it home!  She said it was to inspire her to spend more time exercising her abs.

What you need to know is that this woman is gorgeous, fit and capable.  She has done wonders for our art club, bringing us into the 21st century. We LOVE her.  And I am delighted for her to have the collage.