Ever tried to find a cure for a headache? The other day I had a doozy. Nothing I did helped, so I decided to collage about it to take my mind off my misery.  In looking for photos for this collage, I learned a  lot about how much suffering there is from headaches.

I wonder, though, if headaches might indicate that something in our lives needs attention. Is it our diet, getting better exercise, paying more attention to our relationships, relaxing, taking care of our own needs, self-expression, and on and on.

What’s in this collage are many things:

  1. The frustration and “headache” of finding a suitable remedy, and even finding an accurate diagnosis;
  2. Drugs vs. drugs – what to choose – Fast Company magazine had this amazing flow chart, see below, about the choices available for headache medicines. The example is more of an art piece than exact data, but the impact is startling.
  3. Drugs vs. Nature – what to choose:
    • Healing Processes: Acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, massage, self-therapy, Yoga, spiritual healing
    • Nutraceuticals;
    • Foods or elimination of suspect foods;
    • Elimination of suspect environmental toxins: mold, VOC’s, perfumes, laundry soap and fabric softener with perfumes, oil-based paints and cleaners, dust, poorly ventilated spaces and so forth;
  4. Emotional causes: Stress, trauma, grief and loss (perceived and actual), inability to manage life’s circumstances;

“Fast Company” articlewpid-fastcompany_fullinfographic-2012-05-1-20-09.jpg

It made me want to develop a checklist. But, then, that gave me a headache!