Crop to Find a New Creation

I really love the idea of notecards.  Personally, I only send them as thank you notes or birthday cards.  The rest of my communications are via email.   There are still some Baby Boomers out there who don’t use the internet all that much, or consider it too impersonal a way to communicate.  Those are the people who should buy your notecards or receive a pack of them as a gift from a loving friend or child!

Not all paintings or collages look good as notecards.  But portions of a painting might look great.  Case in point is my painting Evolution. The texture and colors are so magnificent in person that a print of it just doesn’t give you the same Wow.

Evolution - collage, acrylic ink, varnished, framed and sold

But, a part of this same painting looks great as a notecard image.  What do you think?

Digital clip of original painting "Evolution"

I took a portion of Jody’s collage from the last post and clipped it digitally to make an image that could be nice on a notecard.

Digital clip of Jody's original collage "A New Beginning"

See anything you can do with some of your paintings and collages?  Let me know what you think.