Love of Giving Reduces Holiday Stress

Are you having fun with your holiday gifting adventure?SS having fun It’s true that giving as an “expectation” sucks. So, how do you get in the mood? You know, the one where you feel all warm and generous? In addition to a great glass of wine,  here are some ideas for feeling the love when you’re stressed about holiday gifts.

Imagine the person you are expected to present a gift to. If they don’t immediately engender waves of love, just feel love. You don’t need an object of love to feel loving.  Next, think about them from head to toe in terms of what might be a great gift within your budget. For example, see their head and face in your mind. What works there? Hair clips, bows, hat, earrings, makeup, or nose hair clippers (just kidding).  If you’re flush with cash then by all means imagine their adorable backside seated comfortably in the new Lamborghini. Work your way down their body until you get to those awesome polka-dot socks. Somewhere between head and toes you should feel a little flutter of excitement about one or more of the gifts you’re considering.

Credit: Institute of Urban Ecology, Los Angeles

Credit: Institute of Urban Ecology, Los Angeles

Or think of the person in their favorite environment: Skateboarding, playing guitar, attending the theater, watching movies, listening to music, running, painting or rebuilding antique cars. What might you offer that acknowledges or supports them? Perhaps an art class, a visor, a photo album or cool edited movie of them skating, playing, or working on the car.

Then there’s the “doing good” gift where you help someone clean out their closet and take things to Goodwill for them – like my daughter’s mother-in-law does for me. She’s the world’s best organizer and purger of duplicates, ha!  Some of my neighbors are too old to drive. I’m thinking of giving gift certificates for a “free ride” to a place of their choice.

For us artist types, it’s quite tempting to create a handmade item. I’ve often given my kids paintings or poems I created just for them. Nordstrom Gift Card They’ve always accepted graciously, but they might prefer a gift card this year.

That said, a personalized gift can bring incredible joy. Here’s what happened when I created a painting for one of my collectors to give as a surprise: The Power of Gifts (click on the link).

What are you giving to yourself this year? I’ve had my eye on a hand blown art glass sculpture that “I have no room for.” If I managed to acquire this piece, would I find a place for it? Of course. There’s always room for more art if you put some pieces away, out of the light for a while. It’s good for them to rest in the peaceful dark. Here’s a post on how to manage your space for new masterpieces: There’s Always Space for More Art 

Inspired by Georgia

“Inspired by Georgia” – by Susie Stockholm – watercolor

Some ideas for you: Abstracts – Floral Textures – City-themes – Range of Motion  My personal wish is for you to have interesting and beautiful art in your homes and workspaces. If you fall in love with my paintings, I will do everything I can to help you acquire them. Click here to reach me: Contact

I wish you much joy as you gather with loved ones this season.   Take deep breaths, find “loving” and enjoy yourself. Susie