Range of Motion – new series

Bending to Her Own Will "Range of Motion" series Acrylic on Canvas 30" x 40" by Susie Stockholm

Bending to Her Own Will
“Range of Motion” series
Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″
by Susie Stockholm

The inspiration for beginning this RANGE of  MOTION inquiry is an upcoming art show “Navigating the Journey to Self-Identity” – Compass – at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. The request is to explore issues of self: gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, other-ness.

What to submit for consideration? Being adopted, glass ceilings, single-motherhood, aging and loss of one’s “old” self as we create a “new” self – the paradox for all of us.

As I move through my 69th year, I realize that aging, as a subject, can be boring and depressing. But exploring aging with increased physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and love abilities, is not. Often it’s humorous and allows senior artists like me to be irreverent.

My “Range of Motion” series begins with improving my personal mobility through Yoga. Physical range is shown in the acrylic painting on canvas “Bending to Her Own Will” in black, white and red. The color palette is simple, yet offers flowing lines and interesting shapes.

Using the iPad is a source of constant upgrading of my own mental range.

Dementia - Help Me Find My B Vitamins!

Dementia – Help Me Find My B Vitamins!
Digital Painting by Susie Stockholm
Prints Available

With the Sketch Club app I created the digital paintings “Fractured Memories 1940-2013” and “Dementia – Help Me Find My B-Vitamins!” using the same color palette of black, white and red.

These reflect the loss suffered as one ages with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They also reflect my personal commitment to create new brain synapses through learning the intricacies of the various art apps. it’s still early in the process. But I am increasing my B-Vitamins to reduce brain shrinkage as a result of new research out this month.

Fractured Memories 1940 - 2013

Fractured Memories 1940 – 2013
Digital Painting by Susie Stockholm
Prints Available



I’m also looking forward to exploring the emotional and spiritual ranges in this series. And am particularly excited about love, not as an emotion, but as an energetic – how love “passes all understanding.” It’s probable that this “Range of Motion” series will never be finished; but it will indeed be full! If you’re interested in following me on this journey, please click here to get updates, as I’ll be adding to this gallery.

Range of Motion Gallery