GridWorks Bursting Forth in New Directions

"GridWorks 2"  50" x 40" on Gallery-wrapped canvas, Mixed Media: Acrylic, Acrylic Ink

” City Runways” 50″ x 40″ on Gallery-wrapped canvas, Mixed Media: Acrylic, Acrylic Ink

Even wowed myself on this one. New, new, new! It was going to be similar in style to the first GridWorks which was a very popular painting. If you look at the first one, you’ll see how lovely the colors are. But with this second GridWorks, too much black ink got onto the rectangles and it became muddy. I don’t have a yard anymore where I could hose it down. So, as always with a failed painting, I asked it what it wanted to be. Imagine my surprise when it said “tape me up and paint that bold red and yellow, splashing in some turquoise blue.”

"GridWorks 2" - taped

“GridWorks 2” – taped

Taping is a new experiment for me. It makes me think in reverse, a little like doing a woodcut. Once you cover portions of the painting, you have to imagine what is under there, and what it will look like after you paint the non-taped areas.

Yes, I’m still playing with it a bit, wrapping the shapes and colors around the sides. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll just look at it to see if there’s anything else it wants me to do. Then I will declare it complete.

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Paint, play, laugh and do something out of the ordinary this week! Let me know what you did.