Art Studio Remodel – It’s a Process

Half-way there

How exciting to finally have workspace that’s 8′ long x 3′ deep. I can keep brushes and pencils out, along with an iPod player, desk lamp, projector and laptop. I’m wired up with a great new camera – Sony Nex-3 that I got at a discount because the new models are about to come out.
All on one big desktop, I can download photos, edit them, project them onto canvas or paper, practice my presentations and create and update all my blogs.  Plus it’s a perfect place to have two or three collages going at a time. It’s 37″ high, so I can stand up, which is the best way to drop acrylic ink, and, of course, dance! Underneath I have shelves to lay wet canvases, plus four big file drawers that hold supplies and a few files.

A few things left to do:
1 -Get the brick mold up on the walls.  This would have been done, but it’s going to need to extend out from the wall about a half inch so the paintings can lean a bit against the wall.  I’m still deciding where I want it placed.
2 -Order the “feel good” daylight lights, and get them installed.  Not cheap, but necessary.  I’ve never had really appropriate lighting anywhere in my house.  So I’m starting with the studio, and over time will put things right in the rest of the house.
3 -Install a raceway for powercords along the back of the worktable.
4 -Find a 3′ x’4′ mirror to hang over the chest of drawers.
So, there’s your update.