Selling Art More Challenging than Making Art

This flowered into being overnight with light.

Some of you have followed along with my quest for an internet sales solution designed for artists. I looked at several that were more than clunky. One even shut down my browser when I tried to sign up for a newsletter. ETSY was a site I’d heard about, but it’s really for selling crafty items. EBSQArt is another site, but it’s tedious to use and hard to find the next action, like BUY THIS ART. And what buyer is going to ever think to go to sites named ETSY or EBSQ?  I mean, really. How about a name that says what it does – how hard can this be?

So, the other day I was looking up “minimalist drawing” because I have been unsuccessful in becoming a minimalist. I thought perhaps I could “art” about it, and I have a client in Minneapolis who is patiently waiting for something minimalistic from me.  And, voila!  I fell into this incredible website, Fine Art America,  where I could search by any style, type, color, what have you.  And I could buy prints and notecards if I wanted. And I could remember the name of the website because it said what it does – it sells Fine Art to America.  Immediately I signed up for free and have put up a few things that would look good printed.  Take a look:

For now it seems pretty neat.  I’m working out how to put the shopping cart feature onto my website and list the originals for sale that should stay original without prints.

Let me know what you think so far.  Or, if you’re inclined, buy something!