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It’s Showtime!

City Runways #2 by Susie Stockholm Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped canvas 50" x 40"

“City Runways” #2 by Susie Stockholm Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped canvas 50″ x 40″

Great news!! My paintings have been accepted into Bistango Gallery Restaurant’s Fall Exhibition – August through November 2013. Reception is Saturday, August 10th, 3-5pm.

This is an exciting opportunity for hundreds of diners to view my art over a 4-month period. The restaurant is specifically designed to showcase paintings under good lighting where they can be seen from many viewpoints.

"City Runways" by Susie Stockholm, Acrylic on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas  50" x 40"

“City Runways” by Susie Stockholm, Acrylic on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas 50″ x 40″

City Runways – 50″ x 40″ – was selected by the curator (Antoinette Sullivan of Studio Gallery) and Bistango’s owner, with a request for more of the same. Just finished City Runways #2These take forever because I have to create a GridWorks painting first, then tape and paint over most of it.

My smaller-sized Floral Textures series was also selected for inclusion in the exhibition. There’s a lot of texture in each of these and most were created using palette knives. These will look great on side panels that separate the booths. Each diner is gifted with a direct view of one or more paintings. Price points are varied so there’s something for everyone.

Reception for Bistango artists and their guests is Saturday August 10, from 3 to 5pm. I’ll remind you as it gets closer, but please mark your calendars if you’re local. I’d love to see you there. Exhibit runs August through end of November.

"Joyful" by Susie Stockholm Acrylic on canvas 16" x 20"

“Joyful” by Susie Stockholm Acrylic on Canvas 16″ x 20″

IN PROCESS: First, I’ve added “gallery” pages to this blog. I’m still working through the rules as the app is new to me. Second, I have three paintings in process.

"City Litter" (in process) by Susie Stockholm, Acrylic, Mixed, 50" x 40"

“City Litter” (in process) by Susie Stockholm, Acrylic, Mixed, 50″ x 40″

City Litter is part of the City series (more about that in another post), another is a fun abstract which seems to morph each day. Eventually I will declare it finished. And the third is Joyful, a flower painting I’m adding to the exhibition. Flowers are such fun; and because they are not tedious, I’m generally smiling while painting.  A final glaze on this one and it’s ready to go. I used a slice of this painting to create the new blog banner. What do you think?

Hope you all enjoyed a few moments of gratefulness on Independence Day. I was blessed to be with family.

Love to all,



Airport Art

Last week I responded to a Call for Artists at our local airport for a 30-day spot in 2014. It’s an interesting format of slanted displays in kiosks and hangings in plexiglas wall chambers. The submission required a CD, a bunch of paper and did not let you submit online “urgh”, but at least I wasn’t asked for slides!! Here’s the group of paintings I sent to the airport. You’ll see that I’ve renamed “L.A.” as I think it appropriately represents “City Runways.”




Abstract in the Raw

"Abstract in the Raw" - unfinished - Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped Canvas. 50" x 40"

“Abstract in the Raw” – unfinished – Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped Canvas. 50″ x 40″

I have this great glassed-in balcony that gets morning sun. Usually I sit out here with my coffee and contemplate the latest in-process adventure. This one is temporarily named “Abstract in the Raw.”

It began in a class by Jim Gibson and Docia Reed, fine abstract artists. Both of these lovely people gift their time and talents to our Art Club members for a few hours a week.

The entire painting is meant to be an experiment, inspired by a  favorite artist. Mine is Piet Mondrian.

At dusk I turn a spotlight onto my current creation. The neighbors tell me they love to see what I’m working on, and often walk this way. Makes me happy to share my love of color, shape and texture with my community.

I also share my love of technology, especially Apple products. Recently I taught an impromptu iPad class at our MAC club; and will go to student’s homes for one-on-one MAC-iPad-iPhone consulting. When clients want to know what my interests are, I show them my paintings gallery on my iPad as I train them to make their own albums and journals.

It’s always exciting to hear “I have a friend who loves abstract and contemporary art! Can I bring them over to see your paintings?” My home has become an open gallery of sorts. The people who visit invigorate me, as they share their stories over a cup of tea. I learn much about their art collections, as we search their home for a place to hang their newest work of art. What a wonderful life I enjoy.

Please take a look at my short videos if you’re interested in my process and motivations. Click here: Susie’s videos – also, please contact me if you’d like to talk about how my paintings would complement your collection. Click here: Contact Susie.

Paint, play, laugh and do something out of the ordinary this week! Let me know what you did.